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Murders aren’t news


In 1890 mere brutal murders were so ho hum that they didn’t rate a mention, that is according to a list of ‘what makes news’ complied by Reuters in those days. Read more

Post Interview Protocol


It’s always a relief to finish a phone interview but rather than the end of it – that’s when the real work begins. Here is some background to what goes on after a phone interview which is often referred to as a ‘phoner’.

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Women in Focus


Come and have a cuppa with Elizabeth. She has a love for words and literature which shines through her beautifully crafted answers. If that’s not inspiration enough, her business tip is easily applicable into every business with a click of the mouse.

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It has to be the most frequently asked question by clients when preparing for media interviews. There appears to be a huge amount of confusion about what it actually means and plenty of apprehension about the consequences of telling a journalist anything in confidence. Read more


My first suggestion to organisations looking to get involved in social media is to keep a clear head.  Question everything and challenge every assumption. Social media is not always the silver bullet it is purported to be; rather it is merely another tool in the communications mix.

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